Larkin Homes – energy savers 

We aim to be energy efficient in everything we do and can offer you a variety of energy efficient solutions. 
Our clients ask us about energy efficiency, or ‘green’ ideas, for many reasons. Some would like to save money on their energy bills and others feel that it is important to be kinder to the planet. 
We can advise you on simple things like insulation, cost effective heating and cooling for your home and water heating as well as new and developing technologies. 
Our recommendations will depend on how you like to live, how your home is built and your budget. 
Here are some examples of the technologies we work with. 

Solar Panels 

Solar panels are often one of the first things people think about when considering renewable energy for their home. They generate electricity using light which can power electrical items in your home and even contribute to the National Grid. You will be paid a ‘feed in tariff’ (fit) for any surplus electricity. 
Solar panels work best on south facing roofs that will gain maximum light. They might not be a suitable option in other aspects. 

Ground Source Heat Pumps 

A ground source heat pump uses the natural heat underground to heat water and pump it into your radiators, under floor heating and water tank. 
The pump will increase the heat from the ground by between one and a half and four times; a 12 degree ground temperature could convert to a 48 degree water temperature.  
Ideally ground source heat pumps should be considered at the planning stage when building a new home. 

Wind Turbines 

Wind turbines provide a simple and efficient way of producing ‘free energy’ for the home and, like solar panels, you can be paid for surplus energy that you contribute to the National Grid. 
A wind turbine on your property could reduce electricity bills by up to 50%, depending on the position of your home, so it could be well worth considering. 
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